Welcome to Dr. Ambedkar College, Deeksha Bhoomi, Nagpur - 440010. Golden Jubilee Year Celebration.

What Facilities do we provide ?

At DACN we have made a conscious effort to provide you with the best of the facilities you can think of. Our facilities range from academic to extracurricular to extension activities. What ever be the event, you'll get the best from us. Here is the glimpse of what we have to offer :

1. DACN is the only college with the entire campus having WI-FI connectivity

Library : We have a) The Main Library and b) The Core Library The main library houses all the maijor reference and text books, journals, magazines, periodicals, novels, encyclopedias on a wide variety of subjects.

The core library is the one that operates in your department and you can issue books from here too.

The library now boasts of INFLIBNET software, which allows you to search, locate and know the status of any book you would like to issue... no hassles at all.

When you have some free time you can sit in the cozy Reading room, adjacent to the library, and can utilize you time going through the encyclopedias, journals, magazines, newspapers, wharever interests you.

There is a separate which provides study materials for various Compitive Exams. Book bank Facility is extended to poor and need students. Under the scheme eligible students are given Text Books for one acadmic year. There is also an internet facility for students in the library.


Labortories : This is an essential pre-requisite for a good scientific teaching and as such all our laboratories are well equipped and maintained. We have an advanced Computer, Biochemistry, Physics, Electronics, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry and statistics labs. All the labs are regularly upgraded from time to time. Labs are connected through intercom to facilitate easy communication.

A new Biotechnology and Biochemistry Research Laboratories have been constructed to provide you with the best in these areas. Several state of the art equipments have been already procured and many are being ordered.

A separate IT Lab has been recently cibstructed for the students. A new BCA Lab and a Language laboratory has also been started to hone their computer and literary skills.

A Tissue Culture Laboratory has been constructed in the Botany Department for research and short term courses.

Sports : We at DACN have understood the value of sports in the overall developement of the body and mind and therefore Personality. The proof is the number of awards we have won, in both individual and team events and of course our huge playground spread over 8 acres of land. We have a state of the art Gymnasium to keep your body and mind it. This is open in the morning and the evenings. May be, just before going home you can sweet it out a bit in our Gym. The Sports department is fully equipped with all modern sporting gears. Regular Aerobics Classes are conducted both in the morning as well as evening.

The college team participates in varioua local, state and national level competitions in sports ranging from hockey, chess, football, badminton, tennikoit, cricket, basketball, table tennis, athletics etc.

The sports department also arranges camps throughout the year for various sporting disciplines. This year we organized Cricket, Hockey, Football, Lawn Tennis, Archey and Chess coaching camps for the budding players of out city. The aim is to catch these players Young and groom them into Stars to tomorrow. You can also be a part of this talent hunting venture of DACN.


Auditorium : We are proud to have one of the finest auditoriums in our college premises, which many would envy. Considering the amount of activities we are involved in, it is necessary that we have a place for you to express your talents. Once you join DACN, you will get to perform in this huge auditorium which is aesthetically maintained with facilities for LCD, overhead and slide projections, a big permanent stage with a sensitive public address system, well ventilated and airy spaces. In addition, we have added an well equipped modern Mini-Auditorium for programmes of smaller magnitude.


Common rooms : DACN has made special arrangements for you to take rest or have your lunch during breaks by building separate common rooms for boys and girls.


Classrooms : Each classroom is equipped with an overhead projector and LCD projector whenever needed. This is to ensure that you always get the best in teaching methods.


Seminar Hall - Media Center : This facility is meant for Guest lectures, student presentations, slide shows besides viewing UGC programmes throughthe Edu Sat. Besides this, we have TV-VCR-VCD systems for shown on various socio-scientific events and personalities.


UGC Network Resource Center : With the world becoming a global village by the day, it is important that you are aware of all the happings around the world and keep yourself updated in your own subjects. DACN has taken special cognizance of this and have upgraded its internet system by installing a Very Large Memory BROADBAND wich is made available to you at a subsidised rate.


Other Facilities : A canteen, drinking water kiosk, telephone booth, Electronic Notice Board and a Xerox centre are some other facilities amenable to you. The college stationary store : "STAPLES" will provide with all stationary items at subsidized rates.

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