Welcome to Dr. Ambedkar College, Deeksha Bhoomi, Nagpur - 440010. Golden Jubilee Year Celebration.

Courses :
Graduate :
Graduate BA (Marathi Medium) English & Marathi (Compulsory) 1. Economics,
2. Pol Sci., 3. Sociology / Dr. Ambedkar Thought,
4. Pali Lit/Mar Lit/Eng Lit, 5. History/Psychology
(Any Three of the above five) EVS in Part II.
Graduate BCom I Comp Eng, Mar/Hin/SE, Fin A/c-I, Bus Mgt, HRD-I, Comp-Stats
BCom II Comp. Eng, Mar/Hin/SE, ME, FA-II, C & M Acct, CL & SP, HRD-II, EVS
BCom III (Eng & Mar Medium) FA-III, Auditing & Inc Tax, BL, BCM, Ind Eco, HRD-III
Graduate BSc I Comp. Sci. Phy. Maths, Eng, Mar/Hin/SE
Comp Sci, Phy, Statistics, Eng, Mar/Hin/SE
Comp Sci., Maths, Statistics, Eng, Mar/Hin/SE
Comp Sci., Maths, Electronic Eng, Mar/Hin/SE
Maths, Phy, Chem, Eng, Mar/Hin/SE
Maths, Phy, Electronics, Eng, Mar/Hin/SE
Maths, Phy, Statistics, Eng, Mar/Hin/SE
Chem, Zoo, Bot, Eng, Mar/Hin/SE
Biochem, Chem, Zoo, Eng, Mar/Hin/SE
Biochem, Chem Bot, Eng, Mar/Hin/SE
Biotech, Biochem, Chem, Eng, Mar/Hin/SE
BSc II Same as in BSc I without languages, EVS
BSc III Same as in BSc I without languages
Graduate BCA Part - I Group - I (Computer Science)
Paper - I Information Technology
Paper - II C Object Oriented Programming
Paper - III Database Management System

Group - II (Electronics)
Paper - I Linear Electronics
Paper - II Digital Electronics - I
Paper - III Digital Electronics - II

Group - III (Analytic Computation)
Paper - I Discreate Mathematical Structure
Paper - II Computer Oriented Statistical Methods
Paper - III Operation Research
Compulsory English
Supplementary English/Marathi/Hindi
BCA Part - II Group - I (Computer Science)
Paper - I Operating System Concept
Paper - III System Analysis and Design

Group - II (Electronics)
Paper - I Microprocessor & ALP
Paper - II PC Maintenance
Paper - III Computer Hardware Interfacing

Group - III (Computational Methodology)
Paper - I Theory of Computation
Paper - II Data Structure
Paper - III Numerical Methods & Error Analysis
BCA Part - III Group - I (Computer Science - I)
Paper - I Computer Graphics
Paper - II Compiler Construction
Paper - III Al & Expert System

Group - II (Computer Science - II)
Paper - I Software Engineering
Paper - II Programming in Visual Basic
Paper - III Management Information System

Group - III (Computer Science - III)
Paper - I Computer Network & Data Communication
Paper - II Web Designing
Paper - III Java Programming
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